Rendezvous With The Spirits


Havans are a means of purification, a medium to interact with the Divine, a process to channelize energy. I have been learning and practicing the science of havans at Dhyan Foundation, under the guidance of Yogi Ashwiniji, for some time now. If any of you have had a chance of sitting for an authentic vedic havan (not the ones which are filled with soot and smoke, causing one to choke, but the ones which are sootless, fragrant, where chants reverberate within and outside), you would have an idea about the effect it has on the environment, the weather, the people, animals and even other entities…If you have not, you are welcome to attend one at Dhyan Ashram, where such havans are conducted daily by the sadhaks.

Recently someone asked me to conduct a havan at their house, as there was a lot of disturbance and unpleasantness in the place. I sought Yogi Ashwiniji’s advice, and he told me to make a specific formation and perform a havan for a  half hour with a specific chant, daily at that place. At the end of the havan, we would take the havan kund to each and every corner of the house for its purification. One day, as the kund was being circulated in the rooms, there was a loud noise from the owner’s mother’s room. When we went to check, we saw that a glass table on which many objects of glass were kept had fallen just like that. All the objects lay scattered on the floor, not one was broken…


The next day, as I was performing the havan, I saw that the door of the room right opposite me was open, and a lady kept walking in and out of the room, ambling here and there. I had seen her doing this many times before also. It was distracting and would take my mind off the havan. After the havan was over, I complained to the owner about the lady, requesting her to ensure the lady did not come there while I was performing the havan. The owner of the house reported that no lady came into the house. I was puzzled, as I had seen her with my own eyes. I described the appearance of the lady, hearing which the owner’s jaws dropped. She said in almost a whisper…“that is my mom, but she is dead.”

The reason for disturbance in the house was apparent…At times, due to strong attachments to the physical world or due to non-conduction of the last rites in a proper manner, spirits are unable to find release and hover around waiting for someone to release them. Through specific mantras and sadhnas, one can communicate with these spirits and also help free them. We kept a photo of the mother at the spot of the havan the next day and have been doing chants for the shanti of her soul. The lady has not been seen roaming around again…


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