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I am presently pursuing my post-graduate studies and for this purpose stay away from home, in a hostel in Delhi. It was during my stay in Delhi that I met with Yogi Ashwini ji who introduced me to the world of spirits and to the science of energy. At these sessions, I had often heard people sharing experiences of inexplicable events, of unwanted presence, of ghosts and spirits. Had I met these people before starting Yoga under Yogiji, I would have called them liars or maybe superstitious. But then during the course of my sadhna, I had myself interacted with certain devs and devis. I knew by now that devs and devis exist, and so spirits and ghosts too had to be there.

Next weekend, I returned home to visit family. After sandhya, I went on the terrace to perform my routine havan. I had spent my entire childhood playing on this terrace, and as I climbed up the stairs nostalgia took over me. But then, when I stepped out in the open, something about the place seemed to have changed. It did not welcome me the way it used to earlier, the usual pleasant atmosphere had been replaced by an eerie feel.


I pushed aside all my thoughts and started with the havan. Minutes later, I felt someone staring at me. And it was not just one pair of eyes, but many pairs glaring at me from different directions. I continued with the havan and as the chants grew deeper, footsteps could be heard. Someone was circling the area where I was performing the havan. The footsteps continued throughout the havan and so did the stares. I heard some voices too but could not make out what was being said for the volume was low, like a murmur. With the poornahuti, things seemed to quieten a bit. But my mind was racing. Who were all these entities? How come they were dwelling on my terrace? What was it that they were saying? The terrace, I got to know later in the evening, was seldom used ever since I went to the hostel.

The next day again after sandhya I went on the terrace to perform the havan. The heaviness in the atmosphere was apparent. It was as if someone was waiting there. I could feel the presence of various people all around me. I prayed to Yogiji before starting the havan, asking him to stop it all. As the havan advanced, the uneasiness in the atmosphere grew. The footsteps seemed to be getting louder with every passing moment. But by the time of poornahuti, suddenly the air became lighter. I saw a golden light, bright and expanding. When I opened my eyes everything was still. The stares disappeared; the footsteps were gone as were all the noises and people.

They never returned after that, I guess they got what they wanted. I wanted to know what it was, but then I knew better than to let that thought foster. For who knows, they might sense it and return to answer. The terrace is better without them.

Naina Pahuja

Naina Pahuja

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