There are countless temples in India, each one with its own set of mysteries and miracles. Here are some examples.

Raja Rajeshwari Tripura sundari, Bihar


Established 400 years ago, this temple is a well-known centre for tantra sadhna. What is fascinating about this place is that here the idols of goddesses talk to each other at the middle of the night. There have been a lot of reporting of sounds being heard when no one is present. The place was visited by a team of scientists and they did not deny that one can hear voices of the idols talking to each other…

Jagannath Temple, Uttar Pradesh

The specialty of this temple is that it gives notification of rains seven days in advance! Believe it or not, but drops of rain water can be seen dripping from its roof, seven days prior to the actual rain. Who built this temple, when was it built, how was it built, remains a mystery to archaeologists despite multiple surveys and studies.

Jwala Ji Mandir, Himachal Pradesh

It is among the 51 Shakti Peethas and it is believed that the tongue of Goddess Sati fell on this ground. The main idol of the temple is a live flame, where the goddess is believed to reside, and this flame had been burning day and night through the years miraculously.

Jagannath Temple, Odisha

The temple is unique in that its flag flaps in the direction opposite to the direction of wind, no birds or planes are seen flying over the temple and there is no shadow of the main dome at any given time of the day. What is more is that the quantity of prasad made at the temple is fixed throughout the year and yet whatever be the number of devotees visiting, whether a few thousand or a few lakh, the prasad is always optimum, never wasted.

Bullet Baba Mandir, Rajasthan

At this temple a motorcycle is worshipped. In the year 1988, a man named Om Singh Rathore was killed in a bike accident. He was riding the bike when it crashed through the tree and he died on the spot. From the accident spot police took this bike to the police station. The bike was missing from the second day… The police started scrutiny and found that the bike was present where the accident actually happened. The police again brought this motorcycle to the police station. The bike was seen again on the same spot on the second morning. The belief grew in the divine powers of the bike, and a temple emerged soon after.

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