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A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Mind is often confused with brain. As per Yoga, mind is the energy which controls brain, the Bindu Visarg Chakra. It is present at the back of the head where brahmins generally tie a pigtail, the nectar of life is constantly produced here and this is what gives one beauty and glow.

In this article we will discuss certain techniques from the book, ‘Sanatan Kriya, the Ageless Dimension’, to develop the calmness of mind which reflects as external glow.


Beauty Tonic

Take out the juice of 4 desi amlas (small in size with a golden glow, as opposed to hybrid amlas which have a yellowish greenish glow). Add a spoonful of one-year-old single flower honey (honey, as it ages, gains medicinal and nourishing qualities). Drink this early morning on empty stomach. When the concoction reaches the stomach, vital prana from the two herbs is drawn out and it directly nourishes the Bindu Visarg Chakra. Within three months, it will start showing results in the glow and complexion of your body.

Calming Pranayam

After a month of regular intake of the above tonic, start with the calming pranayam, as detailed ahead. Inhale and try to force the air out but block the mouth and the nose. Constrict the throat so it does not go back inside. Idea is to generate a gentle pressure in the facial region. Hold as long as comfortable then gently exhale. This creates a backwards pressure and removes the toxins collected at the Bindu Visarg. When you push back the breath it removes all the heaviness and negativity and when you exhale, it very gently releases the nourishing fluid which comes towards the face from the bindu chakra. The practice also improves vision. The effect on the face is instant, a glow and radiance is observed.

Relaxing Bath

Before you go to sleep, dip your feet in warm water with 2-3 drops of pure essential oil of rosemary. The feet have the property of pulling in prana, the prana of rosemary oil relaxes the area of the brain.

Asans to stimulate the Vagus Nerve

Nowadays medical science acknowledges the presence of Sushumna nadi (a thin strip of energy running from the Mooladhaar chakra to the Agya chakra ) in the form of vagus nerve, a very thin nerve running parallel to the spine. Below are two asanas from Sanatan Kriya to massage the vagus nerve for beauty and glow.

Invoke the energy of the Guru and Lord Ganesh.

Marjari Asana (cat pose): Go down on all fours, place your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips. Keep your elbows straight and look forward. Inhale as you raise your head and gaze at the highest point above, while you arch your spine downwards. Hold the posture for a count of seven and as you exhale you pull your abdominal muscles in and arch the spine in the opposite direction towards the ceiling while you look downwards. Hold the posture and repeat it gently seven times.

Vyaghra Asana (tiger pose): The asan simulates the stretching movement of a tiger when it wakes up from sleep. Go down on all fours. Place your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips. Keep your elbows straight and look forward. Inhale deep as you slowly raise your right leg as high as possible above the ground. Bend your leg at your knee to make your shin vertical. Simultaneously, curve the neck towards the back. Hold this posture. Bring the right knee between the arms and pull your abdominal muscles in and arch the spine towards the ceiling. Simultaneously, bring your head between your hands and look at the floor between your knees. Hold this posture. Repeat this seven times with both legs.

After completing the two asanas, relax in shavasan for 5 minutes.

Anyone who would practice the above mentioned techniques would have a radiant and glowing appearance along with a relaxed and calm mind. It is recommended that you visit a Dhyan Foundation center near you to learn the correct way to practice asans and pranayam. Any yogic kriya is effective only when it is channelized by a Guru who has the siddhis and is not bound by maya.

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