The ancient rishis were absolute authorities on the sciences of the body, mind and spirit.

Such was their mastery on the above subjects that till date, even after thousands of years, the so-called advancements in modern science have completely failed in bettering their formulae. Some dangerous diseases, which have baffled mankind and for which we have no cure till now, have been described. They have listed the symptoms of curable types and of the incurable types with such accuracy that the vaid has been directed to not even attempt a cure where certain symptoms are apparent, for a cure would fail and it would bring disrepute to the art. The times of the rishis were very different from present times, when majority of miracle healers and so-called yog and ayurved experts openly lay claim to curing every malady of the modern day man, though of course, for a fee.


Aphrodisiacs increase the body’s disease fighting capacity and are veerya and sookravardhaka, not only do they bring a glow on the user but also increase his gyan of the sciences of the spirit. Having aphrodisiacs and maintaining celibacy along with certain yogic practices raises a brute to a state of man and a man to divinity. Semen comes out of its site during sexual act, passionate attachment and physical pressure. It is ejaculated from the body because of eight factors, viz. excitement, passionate desire, fluidity, sliminess, heaviness, anubhaav(tendency of anu or atomic nature), pravanabhaav (flowing out tendency] and the force of vayu (air element). Yogic kriyas have direct and indirect effect on the above mentioned factors.

Mix one tula (4.5 kg approx) each of sugar and cow ghee, one prastha (640grams approx)of vidari and pippalli (piper longum) powder and half a dhaka (1.2kg approx) each of tugaksiri [misri] and freshly collected honey and preserve in an earthen jar, smear cow ghee on this. As per your power of digestion have a little of this first thing in the morning.

Please note: All rasayans, tonics and herbal concoctions prescribed in this series are to be strictly taken keeping in mind the cautions given.

It is always recommended to get your constitution evaluated first by an Ayurvedic certified practitioner. For a general evaluation, you may visit the website www.dhyanfoundation.com. Here you would be able to evaluate your constitution on the basis of your traits hence making the prescriptions more effective by taking the recommended additives.

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