Past Life Impressions


Vedic masters recognized that all lifetimes have connections with those of the past. The souls are immortal and the mortal body is remade from the same five elements of earth, air, water, sky and fire. Today, you’re in this body and tomorrow when you leave, your soul enters into another life. The soul is constant, and it enters and leaves bodies at its convenience. The Vedas describe life as an infinite flow of energy and intelligence expressing itself from an unbounded pure field of consciousness.

Yogis have the ability to see their past, present and future lives. Past life visitation is not merely a hallucinating technique as it is being propagated. It is an effective technique to connect with your soul. One of the main purposes of yog is atmasakshatkar – awakening of the inner conscience. Once that is awakened, the energy body is cleansed. And once the energy body or the pranic body is cleansed, the past life impressions become apparent. Ancient blocks and impressions reside in our consciousness, left over as the residues of uncompleted karma of our past lives. These impressions form a definite scar in your consciousness. This consciousness has its base in the antahkaran, which is a tube/pillar of light, connecting the top of the skull to the Divine Source. It can be called the ‘power cable’ of a being.


Here is a fine example of one of the yog practioners at Dhyan Ashram narrated by his father.

In his childhood, when Sharad was 7 years old, we gave him 1 kg clay to play with. It was surprising for all of us to see a 7-year-old boy create beautiful idols of Ganeshji within a minute or two.

When he was 8-9 years old, there was a house under construction in our neighbourhood. He insisted, I get him some mixture of cement and stone dust from there. I gave in and brought him that mixture before leaving for work. When I came back in the evening, I saw he had made a beautiful Shivling in the flowerpot. When I asked why he had made it, he said, “Papa, tomorrow is Shivratri, so I have made it so that I can do pooja on it.”

In 2004, when Sharad was 13 years old, I had bought a computer for my elder son. Sharad also started making drawings in paint brush software. When I used to ask him how these thoughts came to his mind, he simply said, “I don’t know.” When I relate these pictures to the present, it surprises me. When I saw him doing havan on Poornima night in Foundation for the first time, I saw that picture taking shape in reality. I told his mother that it was only his Guru’s energy which was guiding him to draw these pictures back then.

There is no amount of closing your eyes and dreaming about going to a different dimension that can result in such real life experiences. There are many cases of people telling about their past life experiences to Guruji and they have been verified. It is only once you access your Guru that these awakenings are revealed to you. Once you hold your Guru’s hand and walk the path of yog, the creation unfolds itself to you so you can better aid it. This can also be one of the tests which you can take your Guru through.

In kalyug where quite a few clever businessmen are in the garb of Gurus, asking your guru to make you visit your past life can be a very good way of knowing whether you are in the right hands. But a word of caution here, before you make your Guru go through a test you must first be sure that you are following whatever practices or karmas that you are asked to go through.

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