In Yogi ji’s recent trip to the UK, both my brother and my mother wanted to meet Yogi ji, disappointingly it was not about their path but they were more keen to discuss about my path. The plan was for Yogi ji to meet them at a local park in South West London, I took them to the park 15 minutes before time and we waited for Yogi ji’s arrival. As we were walking along the park it started to rain, and my brother said that he hadn’t anticipated it would rain and he wished he had brought a coat, I immediately quipped, “Don’t worry, when we are around with Yogi ji you don’t have to worry about the weather, with just a thought it can be changed”.  I said it because it was my desire for him to believe in Yogi ji, I had attempted in the past by telling him stories, showing him videos and even sharing articles about Hell.  To my comments about controlling the weather, he looked on sceptically.

And then finally they got to meet Yogi ji.  The discussions started that they were very “worried” about me leaving the family and going into the “spiritual” path, my bother speaking on behalf of my mother was worried that I was prioritising “spiritual path” against “family duties”, etc.   The discussions continued…


As Yogi ji probed deeper it actually transpired that they were only bothered about themselves — it really only about their own self-centred insecurities of control.

It started to rain and even hail started to fall, but still the discussions continued after a while my brother whilst still talking to Yogi ji, looked at me, realising that he was losing the argument, said in a sarcastic tone, “I thought you said that he could control the weather?!”  I was taken a back in the way that he had brought it up — but nonetheless realised that maybe I had put Yogi ji in an unprepared situation, since I had not mentioned this to him.

Yogiji looked at my brother — and said, “Wait three minutes”.

After three minutes passed, the dark grey clouds slowly cleared up to blue sky with the sun shining and there was no rain and no hailstones. When reminded by what just happened to weather — my brother quickly forgot that I had told him that this would happen.

If it was rain, then I could understand my brothers doubts after all the weather could have changed, but how can hail storms stop so suddenly with the whole sky cleared above our head?  The weather prediction was for rain whole day — but it happened.

Science Note: Clouds have many layers which are blocking, and heat is not able to escape it is becoming so cold in that zone that water freezes.  A strong updraft allows hailstones to grow large enough to reach the ground.

The rest of the sadhaks had by now joined the group and as Yogi ji was leaving he reminded my brother about the experience he had witnessed, but as usual he had to have the last word, by saying “Yeah, but I still got wet!”

In the time that I have been with Dhyan Foundation, I have seen and experienced many things and something as extraordinary as this is not to be treated lightly.  Yogi ji later mentioned that as soon as my brother joked about it to me the Gods were so angry.  As soon as it came to his ears, it would have reached the Gods and they who started the hailstorm stopped it.

The meeting that my family had with Yogi ji and what they learned would have made them realise for the first that there are only two paths in this world — the path of darkness (ignorance and unreality) and the path of lightness (truth and reality). It would have been very scary for them to realise that there is another way it would have been an eye-opener.  In such a situation the logical mind will not accept this — and will deny even what is seen by the eyes.

Yogi ji reflected the next day, “I am the kind of person, who means what I say, I trust 100 per cent anyone who comes to me.  When someone comes to me, I do not go with presumptions, because surprise happens when I go with assumption that they actually care.  I give them the benefit of the doubt, their journey could have been saved, I gave them a full chance.”

Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar

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