When one is holding the hand of the Guru, nothing can go amiss.

A few days back my wife and I were going for a havan at Dhyan Ashram. It was a clear road so we accelerated the car. Suddenly out of the blue, from the opposite direction a motorbike came charging towards us. It was a road with a divider, so only one way traffic could move on one side of the road. We blew the horn so that the motorist knew that he was coming from the wrong direction, but it fell on deaf ears. He kept speeding his motorcycle towards us. Within seconds he came into view and we could see that he was looking in some other direction and was speeding our way. He was just an arms distance away when it all happened. I had shut my eyes anticipating a crash and when I opened them a second later, our car had turned to the right on its own and the motorcycle had stopped just inches away. The man himself was shocked as to how did it happen. All he could do was to look at us and we just smiled at him knowing what had actually taken place. Some passersby who had witnessed the incident stopped and were surprised to find that no one had been harmed. There was not even a scratch on our car and neither on his bike. At such a high speed it was impossible for the bike to stop and for us to get out of the way.


Author: Bharat Mendiratta


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