Paranormal: Happily ever after?


Last summer vacations, I was travelling with my friends to Australia. We were staying in the beautiful cottage in the suburbs, in the midst of forests.

The place was rich with natural beauty. Over 100 acres of land, decorated with lakes, lush green grass, trees and pleasing fragrances. The way the whole place had been designed, one could make out that great attention that had been given to every little detail — from the placement of benches to laying out paths, to the bird feeders and the rose garden…which was my personal favourite.


It was almost night as I returned to my room, having spent the evening in the lawns at the rear of the cottage, soaking myself in the beauty of the place. As I retired to my bed, suddenly the figure of an old man flashed before my eyes. He would be in his sixties, wrinkled face, holding an umbrella, sitting on the grass…in the same lawn where I was, ten minutes ago.

I pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep. Next morning, we went for a walk after sunrise, and my friend announced, he had seen a black dog near the window of his room. The other friend said, she too had seen a dog, a brown one, in her room. There were no dogs on the property, we were in the middle of nowhere, so there was no chance of any dog trespassing either. Finally, I broke my silence and narrated my own little experience from the previous night. All three of us were silent for the rest of the day.

I told Yogi ji about this experience. He told me to ask around about the man and the dogs. The same day, a neighbour and old inhabitant of the place came to the property (He comes there often to graze his sheep). So, we asked him to tell us more about the place.

He told us that the place was built by a couple about a hundred years back. They lived here with their children and two dogs. As children grew up, they left the place to settle in the town, the couple continued to stay with the dogs. They loved the place and were unwilling it shift out. It was their ‘happy ever after’. In fact, the dogs are buried here only, outside the house…

We had no doubt in our mind now, who that man was or where the dogs came from…

Unable to sleep, I wrote to Yogi Ji. He then explained what attachment leads to. “Your attachments to anything temporary will ensure that you go nowhere, even after you die.” The couple was so attached to the property, that even after leaving the body, they were still hovering around, unable to let go off what they had created. And for what?

One should move on in life and not be attached to anything. No matter what you plan in life, at the end what has to happen will happen.

Today the couple is not there, nor their dogs, or their children. Whatever they built is being enjoyed by people they do not know…and they are watching it happen, in a bodiless state…unable to move on…Happily ever after?

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Palak Sachdeva

Palak Sachdeva

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