The Weaker Sex


A woman is shakti personified. The entire creation emerged from the womb of adi shakti. It then seems illogical to use the term ‘weaker sex’ for the one who is the cause of all that exists in creation, including men. The one, who has the power to give birth, surely possesses the power to annihilate as well. If you look back in history, it is adi shakti who fought and defeated beasts like mahishasur, shumbh and nishumbh in her various manifestations. Our ancients maintained that the growth and destruction of a house lies in the hands of its mistress. Even the modern western thinkers agree when they say, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’.

Let us understand why then has there arisen a need for e’man’cipation of women. The reason is that we have forgotten who we are and what our culture is. As times are progressing, we are devolving as a society. We are forgetting the basic tenets of our very own religions where women have always been revered and considered supreme.


Why are crimes against women on a rise? The television and movies, being the basic source of entertainment for 90% of the people, have become product selling devices, the product maybe a human being (actor/actresses) or soaps and shampoos. You will find not one advertisement where the woman is not exposing to the basic instincts of a man. You have women even in the advertisements of men’s shaving creams that too bikini clad again catering to the basic instincts of a man. Majority of the successful actresses are half-naked sheilas and munnis, majority of the women’s only desire is to become a sheila or a munni, forgetting that in a country like ours, education is lacking in majority of the people. In villages, in most of the schools, boys and girls are not allowed to meet each other, but at home the same boys are free to watch half-naked women dance on screen. Obviously their basic senses would get instigated and we are asking for trouble.

When the mass media glorifies dons, sheilas and munnis, the poor basic man, who has no other source of entertainment, gets influenced and tries to ape them. The result is what the present scenario is.

The solution is, encouraging healthy men-women relationships and glorifying the sister and the mother; educating the masses about culture and the importance of women in a healthy society and finally, giving a backseat to all the dons, vamps, gangsters and of-course sheilas and munnis…till society has been educated and takes entertainment as only entertainment and not real life.

This said, brutalities against women are unacceptable and severe punishment must be meted out to perpetrators of such crimes. Also, at the present moment, it is important to educate the masses on stringent laws and extreme punishments that would result from exploitation of women. The fear of getting a severe punishment would act as a deterrent for the uneducated masses against such crimes.



TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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