Don’t Eat That Dog


Dogs are known for their loyalty and as protectors; it is called a man’s best friend. Man however, fails to reciprocate…

Dogs today are met with gruesome fates at the hands of men, the industry of dog meat growing at an alarming rate. 


The figures are highest in Asian countries like Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, China etc. but there are many countries in Africa where too the practice is not uncommon. According to WSPA, every year more than 25 million dogs are killed worldwide for meat. And the process is brutal, to say the least.

According to an organization called Korea Animal Rights Activists, 2.31 million dogs were slaughtered for meat in 2005 in Korea alone and at present there are over 20,000 restaurants in the country that sell dog meat. The number has only gone up in the past few years.

Commercial dog meat production is inherently cruel and the animals suffer incessantly. Thousands of dogs each year are transported to slaughterhouses where they are butchered using cruel and barbaric methods. Dogs are stolen, picked up from the streets. The conditions in which they are transported are disgusting, most die of suffocation on the way itself. Many are put in a single cage where they don’t get any space to move around, let alone breathe. Those who survive the ordeal and make it to the slaughterhouses are skinned or cut alive, flame-roasted – the painful expression remains etched on their face when they are taken out of the roast. In many countries, dogs are hung from trees and then cut up and sold. Electrocution, clubbing to the head, slitting of the throat, are some of the other methods used to kill these animals.

Some cultures hold that the more pain the animal suffers, the tastier the meat is. For this reason alone, dogs are tortured for hours before they finally die. My guess is that these are oblivious to the eternal Law of Karma, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every pain inflicted bounces back, every pleasure/taste is followed by matching pain/bitterness.

The dog meat trade is gaining international popularity and many organizations have come up to fight the practice, but the result isn’t being achieved fast enough. It might be too late too soon. Dogs have already become a rare sight on the streets in Thailand or Indonesia. Our country is following suit.

There was a Yudhisthir who refused to enter heaven till his dog was allowed to come with him, there is the man of today who is forcing the experience of hell upon dogs even when they are alive. Food for thought and a call for action.

Stop Animal Abuse, Feed Them, Adopt Them, if not that then atleast Don’t Peel Them and Eat Them. 

If you see an injured animal or a case of cruelty, Call #9999099423.

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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