Jago Grahak Jago – 5 Toxins Your Hair can do Without


Our mothers had better hair than us, our grandmothers had still better, how come the hair quality is deteriorating with generations and in the same generation with passing time? The reason is not hard to guess — increasing pollution in our environment, in our food, in our thoughts and in the products we use. The shampoo one picks off the shelf is a concoction of toxic chemicals — here are five that top the list.
Sulfates: Sulfates are chemical detergents added to the shampoo to remove dirt and oil. The problem is that they are little too effective and strip the hair of the natural moisture that keeps them shiny and soft. They also contain certain endocrine disrupting chemicals including dioxane which is known to hamper kidney functions.
2. Parabens: Parabens imitate the hormones in our body and disrupt their normal function and are often linked to cancer.
3. Fragrance: There are more than 3,100 chemicals used by fragrance industries to make your shampoos and conditioners smell the way they do, and almost all of them are bad news. Only go for a fragrance if source is a natural essential oil (the product will specify that in ingredient list).
4. Triclosan: Triclosan is added as a preservative and again is identified as an endocrine disruptor linked to immune system disorders, weight loss and abnormal cellular reproduction.
5. Polyethylene Glycol: PEG has been classified as a developmental toxicant by the Natural Society, the state of California, that is, may interfere with human development.
So go for natural and organic products and better still, try making your own homemade hair care products. Here’s one time tested recipe!
Do it yourself Shampoo
You will need the following ingredients:
100g of amla
100g of khus
200g of reetha
200g of shikakai
Half teaspoon sodium benzoate
Two-in-a-half litres of water
Eight teaspoons of lavender oil
The method is as follows:
Soak amla, shikakai, khus and reetha for one night
Boil them in the morning till the mixture becomes half
Now, strain the mixture and add lavender oil and sodium benzoate
Your shampoo is ready. However, you need to ensure that the ingredients are grown organically and are free from adulterations.

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