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Winters are harsh and just like you would love a warm blanket & some hot coffee on a cold winter day to snuggle into; the strays outside your home are no different. They too could use a cozy corner where they & their loved ones can snuggle up to stay warm. Here is how to build your own dog shelter for the friendly paws near you.

Building a cozy home isn’t a tall task…all you need is,


MATERIALS: Bricks, Sand, Cement, Stone, Water and lots of love

SIZE: Ideal size 2 feet by 3 feet with three walls

HELP: Hire a local mason in the area who comes handy with such materials

COST:    Bricks    40-50@INR 6= INR 250-300 appx.

                Cement 10kg@INR 8=INR 80-100 appx

                Sand      2 bags = INR150

                Stone Slab           INR 150-200

                Labour  INR 200-300

                Total Cost            INR 900 -1200 appx.

*Please note that these are approximate costs, and it can be higher or lower depending on size and materials used.

Benefits of a Dog Shelter

  1. Keeps strays & their little one’s safe
  2. A cozy alternative to larger overbooked shelters
  3. Ensures they get their daily diet of a nutritious meal
  4. Keeps them away from danger & cruelty
  5. Easy sterilization and vaccination helps keep a check on stray population and diseases at bay
  6. Keeps YOU safe. A well-fed stray is not only friendly but makes for a loyal, neighbourhood guard dog
  7. Clean neighbourhood with specified feeding points
  8. Fosters a sense of community spirit
  9. Great opportunity for those who cannot afford proper pet care or a pet due to paucity of time.

Happy Building !

If  you are unable to build and have an urge to build then tell us on 09711151709 we will do it for you.


Arti Tondon

Arti Tondon

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