Why you should eat more orange food


One of the very potent prana is the spectrum of the colour orange. From light whitish orange to the darker shades, each has properties of breaking up heavier substances and heavy kinds of foods. Foods which are orange in colour strengthen the digestive system and lead to efficient and optimum absorption of prana from whatever we might eat.

The color orange is not to be confused with the properties of green or saffron. While green cleanses and dispels lighter kinds of foods, orange dispels and cleanses heavier kinds of foods like meats etc. And saffron is pure energy (which we will be discussing in later articles). Orange is what allows the body to absorb that energy (digestive).


It is interesting to note that in the world of foods, specifically in the vegetable kingdom, carrot is the only orange vegetable, while in the fruits’ kingdom we have oranges, papaya, bael. All of the above four are used in their juice form or natural form to strengthen the digestive system. A glass of orange juice or a glass of bael sherbet or a bowl of papaya and carrots would ensure digestion of most kinds of foods or heavy foods.

The orange prana in these foods is what the body absorbs and utilizes. Spiritual healers use this same orange prana to strengthen the digestive system. Orange prana also removes skin defects and brings a youthful glow. Dhyan Foundation volunteers are normally complemented for their glow and radiance. Given here are two secrets to that ‘youthful’ glow.

Take the peel of a whole fresh orange, remove the white fiber clinging to it and pound it with a few drops of rain water. Be careful that it’s not the water collected in the first fifteen minutes of the rain. Apply this pack on the face and neck region and leave it on for at least half an hour, then wash off. It helps you get rid of acne, pimples and gives a fresh youthful glow to the skin.

Take a ripe papaya, light orange in color, beat it to a pulp and mix with pure honey, which is at least one year old (one year old honey doesn’t give allergic reactions) and apply in the same manner. Keep on for half an hour then wash with warm water. Papaya dispels the toxins and heaviness collected in the layers of the skin, honey acts as a rejuvenator (refer to the article on yellow prana), clears the dirt and adds glow.

To remove the waste material collected over a period of time from the intestines, sherbet of ripe bael fruit with a little milk during the summer months is found to be effective.

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