That Icy Drink Is Making You Fat?


Be it an iced pumpkin spice latte, or a chilled mango shake or even an ice-cold glass of water, they do more harm to your body than you realise. Health experts the world over ask you to ditch them for their room temperature counterparts. According to one study from the Journal of Physiology, cold drinks can have a serious impact on your digestive system. Another study that was done back in the 1980s had scientists measure the time it took the stomach to empty its contents when someone drank cold, room temperature or warm orange juice. The results revealed that the temperature of the stomach dropped after drinking cold juice and took 20 to 30 minutes to return back to normal temperature. Further, the cold drinks also increased the time it took the stomach to empty its contents.



The holistic healing system compares the act of drinking ice cold water with pouring cold water on fire. The low water temperature douses the digestive fire necessary to maintain good health. Extinguishing the digestive fire causes a build-up of toxins known as ama that ultimately leads to fatigue, tumours, cysts, high cholesterol and obesity. Hot or warm water, according to Vagbhata’s classical text, AstangaHrdayam, “stimulates hunger, helps digestion, is easily digested, [and] relieves hiccups, flatulence, aggravated vata, and aggravated kapha.”


As per this system we are better off with warm to room temperature foods and drinks no matter what the season. Why? Cold drinks and eats increase the chances of hormonal imbalance, skin irritability, loss of hair, bloated body, sensitive digestive tract, mood disorders and increased anxiety. It also strictly warns against drinking a cold liquid with a meal, as it leads to the solidification of body fats. Basically, it turns your food into a sticky sludge that slows down digestion and becomes stagnant. They also believe that drinking cold water with hot food creates an imbalance.

Still want that icy drink?

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