Food – Healing Prana


The body lives only because of its ability to hold and utilise Prana. Prana is a frequency of energy which manifests into a being as the various essentials (dhatu), viz. asthi (bones), maas (flesh), meda (fat), rakta (blood), majja (marrow), rasa (lymph) and sukra (semen) or the seven vitals which form the dimension of human existence. To run the complete body energy is needed which is got from the food we eat, the air we breathe, where we walk (foot contact), what we touch, the clothes we wear, what we look at, of whom we think. Even the seven kinds of excretions (mal) are also prana but of a different frequency. The soul lives in the body till the pranic frequency it is tuned to, is found in the body. All our moods, aspirations, likes and dislikes, abilities, tastes, energy levels, success and failures, diseases and health — are a manifestation of prana.

In the forthcoming series we will take food as a source of prana and explain the various kinds of essential prana found in foods and how to identify them and their properties.


Have you ever wondered why the world of colours fascinates us; why we find certain colours so interesting and certain colours depressing? The answer lies in the pranic frequency at which we vibrate. This vibration to a clairvoyant appears as a combination of colours and just by looking at these colours one is able to find the problem areas in the body. Each food has a unique colour and each colour a distinct property. Even shades of colours – have different properties. So for a healthy diet one needs to incorporate all the colours that are conducive to one’s natural state. Ayurveda says, “Sarvada sarvbhavanama samanyam vridhi karanama.” (Similar colour and similar property increases similar dhatu)


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