Dincharya – Jal Neeti


The routines and diets prescribed by ancient rishis form the basis of an ayurvedic lifestyle. Healthy habits bring the body in harmony with nature and keep imbalances at bay. As has been emphasized earlier, Dincharya or day-routine forms an important part of ayurvedic lifestyle and supports the body and mind through the entire day’s activities.

In the last article we discussed the topic of dental hygiene. Next we perform Jal Neti. This is done by pouring salted warm water through one nostril with a gentle tilt of the head and then allowing the water to flow out through the other nostril for a period of fifteen to thirty seconds as a beginner. After neti put a few drops of oil, as per your dosha, in your swara, that is your nostrils. Then put a few drops in your ears.


Next is Abhyanga, which simply is oiling the body as, suited to your dosha. For Vata dosha we use warm sesame oil. For Pitta dosha one uses coconut or sunflower oil. For Kapha Dosha one uses warm and mustard or safflower oil.

In case of doubt about your constitution you may get it evaluated from a vaid or just visit www.dhyanfoundation.com and do a self-evaluation.

Do some simple Yog asanas after this and then sit still with your spine straight and observe your breath, very silently then chant the mantra ‘Ram Ram Ram’ out aloud first; and then internally. Then just let go… into nothing.

You will come out of this on your own, do not sit for more than a comfortable period and also do not force yourself to get up. Let whatever happens happen naturally. A vision or a sound would gradually manifest within fifteen days of doing this first part of Dincharya. Do not discuss this with anyone but only your Guru.

Arti Gaur

Arti Gaur

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