Bringing Down Fever


In the previous article we had discussed a simple but very effective and powerful technique for self-healing. We can also use this science to help others like family members and friends. You may try this for basic ailments and minor physical discomforts like gastric problems, indigestion, fever of toddlers etc. The process is divided into four parts: basic preparation, diagnostic analysis, aided purification and projection and rejuvenation.

Healing of others starts with some basic preparations.


Always keep a bowl by your side, which contains water and sea salt. After purifying, never throw the used prana just anywhere but instruct it to go into this unit as the salt absorbs negativity.

Healing should be done with a detachment that is similar to when you dust a statue in your drawing room with an added thought that it is your Guru who is doing it. Regular practice of Sanatan Kriya helps develop a basic level of detachment in the practitioner.

Now connect with your Guru in the same way as had been described in the previous article.

Sea salt is a very powerful transmuting agent. An occasional wiping of the floor of your house with sea salt water dispels lot of negative or heavy prana. Another powerful use of sea salt is to use it as an aid to bring down fever.

As an experiment for bringing down fever you may just do around a hundred sweeps with your hands or handful of salt or neem leaves and then fill the whole body with a light violet and then a whitish blue colour. You will be surprised to find the fever has come down within minutes.

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