It Is In Giving That You Recieve


Students from G.D. Goenka, recently visited Dhyan Ashram Gaushala in Delhi. The gaushala is home to stray animals and orphaned calves.

As the students walked into the territory of our loving residents, the hesitation and anxiety of what to expect was evident on their young faces as also on the faces of the residents…but as the cows got a whiff of the rotis and fruits carried by the students, there was a change.


The calves got excited and started moving closer to the kids, the kids in turn mustered courage to step in as well. Soon we could hear giggles interspersed with moo’s echoing from different corners of the shed. Bobo, the bull enamoured the kids with his chewing skills as he swallowed a complete apple in one bite and enjoyed every bit of attention he received from the students, while Bhola, another crowd favourite, licked the palms of each one who fed him.

What began as a clueless excursion for the students transformed into a memorable experience for all, leaving the kids wanting for more.

The cow is indeed a special animal; its every aspect is a boon to mankind. Vedas describe the immense benefits of preserving and serving this animal. It is said that if you regularly feed cows and they lick your head then your hidden mental abilities fructify-this was true for the great Saint Kabir, his poetic abilities manifested, only once he was licked by a cow on his head. Massaging the cows ensures a strong and beautiful body with longevity. Serving its calf gives the benefit of healthy relationships in your life. In no culture or religion, eating its meat is considered healthy. We invite more schools to be a part of the authentic Vedic experience of interaction with the cows.

A secret: If you whisper your wish in a bull’s ear, then it goes straight to SHIV.

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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