Did You Know? Human Body Is 90 Percent Germs And Only 10 Percent Cells


Palayan (exit) of Lord Vishnu from earth happened 5000 years ago, the other devs and devis left soon after. 5000 years back, they left, because of the deterioration of air, water, soil and humans – their bodies could not be sustained in that environment. They said there is so much pollution on earth that it is no longer fit for them to live on; they felt this 5000 years back. You might wonder, what they would say about the environment and beings of present times…Well, they need not say anything, our bodies say it all…

A recent study by National Institute of Health (NIH), USA reveals that microorganisms in human body outnumber human cells by a factor of ten. This essentially means, that only 10 % of our body consists of human cells while remaining 90% is made from microorganisms and germs! Being 90% of human body, it is obvious that it is microorganisms that control everything in the human body and not vice-versa.


This leads one to the question, was the constitution of man always like this? The answer is a big NO. While we might not have conducted such researches 50 or 100 years back, it is an undisputed fact that our environment has deteriorated exponentially in the last few decades. Be it air, water, soil or food – the quality has gone down sporadically. Human body in being a reflection of the Creation at large presents a similar picture, as do thoughts…for it is thought that leads to Creation. If you notice – man is more selfish than ever, the crime against Creation is approaching its threshold. I say approaching because we still have 10% human cells…but the way we are progressing (or regressing), these won’t last us long.

This explains the exit of devas to perfection. If human factor on earth is reduced to one-tenth, the devik factor is a far cry.

Our history records this transition. Ancient texts mention that humans were about 32 feet tall in Sat yuga. This was the era of the sapt rishis who were capable of achieving anything by their thoughts alone, at that time devas dwelled on earth. As the yugas progressed, there was deterioration of thought and humans (about 75% in Treta yuga and 50% in Dwapar). In Dwapar, we had men like Bheema who could take down a thousand elephants single handedly. While it might be difficult to look at time periods spanning thousands of years, let us take a quick look at the last hundred years or so.

Can you imagine wearing a 60-70 kg armour on your body and fighting a grueling battle with a spear and other weapons weighing so many kilos? For sixteenth century rulers of India, it was routine. The armour and spear of Maharana Pratap lying at the fort of Mewar is ample proof of this. If you look at your own grandfathers and great grandfathers, you will be able to appreciate that they had much stronger bodies and disease was minimal. With progress of time, our bodies are shrinking and environment deteriorating. According to Shreemad Bhagwad Purana and Garuda Purana, at the end of Kaliyug, the average size of human being will be around 1 foot and average age will be 12 years.

What else to expect? Just look around…Crops are nourished with toxic chemicals, seeds are genetically modified, cities are supplied with recycled sewage water, beauty products are a concoction of carcinogens, milch cattle are impregnated with steroids and fed on plastics, concrete is replacing trees in jungles, rivers resemble drains, rains are scarce, temperature is soaring, ice is melting. Children’s snacks contain metal, their beverages qualify to clean the toilets. No wonder the body is 90% microbes, it is these microbes which rule our brain and heart. Alas!

VS Misra

VS Misra

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