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The importance of detoxification cannot be stressed upon enough in today’s day and age. Such is the level of impurity that everything we see, smell, hear, touch, taste and even think, contaminates our body. These toxins choke the cells and weaken the body. When the body is weak, disease enters. Therefore, periodically detoxifying the body for health and longevity becomes essential.

This August, people from across the country gathered in Bengaluru to do just that, naturally, under the supervision of Dr. Shalini Mishra.


With purest and best quality herbs and tonics sourced from across the world, the detox program included the detoxifying and invigorating benefits of green Arabica, oceanic clays, Epsom bath salts, herbal teas, pure and organic desi ghee, organic essential oils administered in tandem with the time-tested cleansing techniques from Yoga and Ayurveda.

The effect of the detox became manifold as the participants experienced the chants and mantras for cleansing with Yogi Ashwini himself. Mantras are potent tools to dispel heaviness and negativity when channelized by a Guru. Their potency came alive in the glow of the participants and the energy experiences they had to share.

When the body is relieved of toxins and the cellular function is enhanced, it puts less strain on the already limited pranic force in the body and the natural glow of the cell becomes visible. It goes a long way in restricting ageing processes of the body by enhancing the efficiency of the cell.

“It was a unique experience indeed. The uniqueness could be attributed to the spiritual element which was the main attraction of all. It was a real relaxation of the mind and body along with the awakening of the spirit.” Dr. Maneesha, Gynecologist.

“The detox experience left me with following changes: less hunger pangs, higher energy levels with less food consumed, weight loss despite consumption of volumes of desi ghee and overall feeling of lightness.” Dr. Prasan Prabhakar, MD & Proprietor, Laxmi Hospital, Kochi

“Apart from the fact that my body felt light and energetic, I particularly noticed that I was naturally able to overcome the temptation of eating heavy foods. The experience with Yogiji when each of us was asked to touch the havan fire was nothing short of a miracle.” Sasidhar, IT professional, Bangalore.

“I lost between 2 to 3 kgs and am feeling extremely light. My skin feels alive and the stomach is tucked in. It was an amazing experience and I feel at least 5 years younger. Its preventive healthcare and I feel blessed to have cleansed my internal systems so deeply and thoroughly.” Sonia Sharma, Entrepreneur

Experience for yourself the wondrous techniques of

vedic seers to keep yourself toxin-free. For more information,


Dhyan Foundation had the rare opportunity of demonstrating asanas, mantra uccharan and a yagya at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, a world-class Yoga University in Bengaluru, which is headed by Dr. Nagendra, who had also designed the complete Yoga Day on behalf of the honourable Prime Minister.

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