A Dose Of Yoga, For Brain and Genes


The human mind is among the universe’s most complex creations. While it controls every act – voluntary or involuntary – of the human body, it also has the capacity to transcend the physical and access spiritual realms, much beyond imagination.

But what exactly enables the mind to reach its full potential, to go beyond? The answer lies in the Vedas…


If you try to sit with your eyes closed, you will notice that your mind is clouded with multiple thoughts — about the body, health, job/business and finances, parents, spouse and kids, the future and about the past. These thoughts translate as stress and weigh down an individual all through life. And before you know, your hair turns grey, spine gets bent, skin becomes shriveled, eyesight gets blurred and the body becomes diseased, but the stress never subsides.

The vedic rishis gave a solution to all these modern-day problems thousands of years ago in the form of Yoga. And today, modern science has begun to realize the potential this science holds.

Researchers across the world are conducting experiments on the effects of Yoga and are beginning to discover what a profound effect its practice has on a being, especially his brain.

Dhyan Foundation had conducted an experiment at R&R Hospital, Delhi, where they monitored the heart and brain activity of a Sanatan Kriya practitioner while in a state of dhyan. To the doctor’s surprise, while the heart and breath rate reduced to a minimal, the brain continued to function at an alpha level, something they could not explain medically.

Another research conducted by Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar in 2011 found that long-term meditators have an increased amount of grey matter in several regions of the brain. She also found that 50-year-old meditators had the same amount of grey matter as 25-year-olds even though it is a well-documented fact that grey matter in several regions of the brain reduces with age.

Not just the brain, scientists have found proof that Yoga affects our genetic makeup. Our genes decide virtually everything about us. They possess the data to build, maintain cells and pass genetic information to the offspring. They are the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. A study conducted by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France found that meditation altered regulation of certain genes and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation. The interesting part is that these changes were seen in the genes that are the current targets of anti-inflammatory & analgesic drugs…

All these researches are being conducted in laboratories and on only what may be termed as a fraction of Yoga, but even then, the effects are profound. Just imagine the limits you could transcend if you practice Yoga in totality as was given by the vedic masters.

Modern medicine companies would never conduct such researches as it would interfere with their business model and if I would do such a research, it wouldn’t be accepted as I have no media backing for reasons known to all.

If any reader wants to conduct such a research, then they are free to contact Dhyan Ashram.

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