Whether one is a believer or not, the presence of a higher energy, the Divine, can be perceived in various mysteries that surround us. One such baffling mystery is the Tooti Jharna Temple, 7km from Ramgarh Cantonment Railway Station in Jharkhand.

Tooti is Hindi for a hand-pump and jharna translates as a waterfall. It is a Shiv temple where Goddess Ganga herself performs jal abhishek on the lingam, and that too 24×7.


In 1925, the British were digging this part of the country to lay railway lines from Barkana to Gomo. During excavation they discovered a dome kind of structure. Inquisitiveness struck and they dug further. Thus was revealed this mysterious Shiv temple which also finds mention in the puranas.

The British were baffled to see a white-colour female form above the lingam, from whose belly button water flowed on the lingam. The female form represents Devi Ganga which flows on the lingam continuously. Till date no one has been able to ascertain the source of the water. A river does flow nearby but its non perennial and dries off during hot months.

The wonder of the temple doesn’t end here. Inside the temple compound, there are two hand pumps from which water flows down continuously, without it being pumped.

The temple is 31 km away from Ranchi airport, which can be covered by rail or bus.

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