The Magical Mountain Of Ladakh


Since childhood we have learnt that everything is attracted towards the earth due to its gravitational force. What if we were to learn that something went against the law of gravity? Call it magic, science or miracle, such a mysterious place exists at a height of 11,000 feet above sea level, 30 kms from Leh in the beautiful Ladakh, and it is called the Magnetic Hill. The hill maybe reached via Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway and has on its eastern side, the legendary Sindhu River, after which the Persian travellers named our country Hindustan, though we prefer to call it Bharatvarsha, the boundaries of which, once were the entire Indian subcontinent.



There are many explanations associated to this mystery. Some say that it is because of the magnetic properties present in the hill that the vehicles move, while according to others, the magnetism here is so strong that it pulls the vehicles on its own. Few assign this spectacular phenomenon to supernatural powers. Yet others believe that the surrounding land at Magnetic Hill produces an optical illusion, which makes a downward slope appear upward. Hence, left to itself, a vehicle appears to be moving upward, whereas it is only being pulled down by the force of gravity.

Whatever be the explanations, the hill with its gravity-defying properties surely makes for a visit, to experience and find out for your own self. And as you take on this picturesque journey, you may also like to stop by,

Gurudwara Shri Pathar Sahib:

In the year 1517, Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs came here and started meditating along the river bank. A demon staying on the hill nearby hatched a plan to kill him. One day when Guru Nanak was meditating, the demon rolled down a massive boulder towards him which softened like wax on touching Guru Nanak. The rear body of the Guru sank softly into the boulder while his prayers continued undisturbed. Thinking Guru Nanak to be dead, the demon came down to the sight and was amazed to see him alive. He kicked the boulder with his foot but it sank into it, as if the boulder was of wax. The Gurudwara houses the boulder with the impressions of Guru Nanak and the demon’s foot, and is located next to the main road near Magnetic Hill.

Poonam Kapoor

Poonam Kapoor

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