Rama Navami


The word Rama is not restricted to Indian subcontinent alone. The highest selling water in Scandinavian countries by the name of Rama-Loosa. The holy month for Muslims is called Rama-daan. There was an ancestor of David who was the son of Hezron, he was called Rama. The kingdom of Israel had a king by the name of Jai-ho-rama. There are at least 3-4 places mentioned in the Bible by the name of Rama. There is one in Benjamin, close to Bethel, another in Asher and one in Napthali. There still is a town in Jerusalem by the name of Rama-nagar. Rama in Hebrew means ‘high’ or ‘exalted’, it signifies strength and power, and often is used for the one who is in power – the leader or chief.

The above shows name ‘Rama’ as a common denominator which is considered auspicious in all cultures across the globe, whatever might be the reason. Rama Navami, falling on ninth day of waxing moon in the month of Chaitra, also the last day of the Chaitra Navratras, marks the day of manifestation of energy of Rama on earth. Rama, is a symbolic representation of the positivity in creation and took birth to restore order within the entire creation. He did not take birth to create a religion or favour one community. During the time of his birth, Rama Navami, the astral constellations were such that a phenomenal force could take a body. And a similar astral constellation returns on this date, making it the time of a very powerful vortex of energy for all those who choose to benefit from it.


Once simple practice which I prescribe on this day is the chant of Rama. For this, after paying reverence to your Guru, sit in vajrasan. Close your eyes and become aware of your breath at the tip of the nostrils. Observe the rhythmic pattern of the breath, making it deeper and longer with every cycle. Gently, with one deep inhalation, take your awareness to the center of the navel, the manipoorak chakra. At this point, begin with the chant of ‘Rama’. Keep the chant soft and deep drawing the force from your stomach. Continue chanting out loud for some time. Next, start reducing your volume bringing it to almost a murmur on the lips. Continue chanting on the lips for some time. Finally bring the chant to silence and continue chanting internally. Maintain the awareness of your Guru throughout the practice. ‘Rama’ is a very powerful chant and might produce intense heat in the body. Once you are done with chanting, distribute this heat throughout the body with the strength of your awareness, visit each and every cell, each and every organ, spend a little more time on the areas that are weak. Having distributed the energy in your body, you may open your eyes looking first at the center of the palms.
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