Yogsutra – Sadhana Paad, Yogsutra 43


Patanjali continues to detail the benefits of practicing the yams and niyamas to motivate the practitioner, here he talks of the benefit of niyama of ‘tapas’,

kaayendriya siddhirashuddhi kshayaat tapasah


Kaaya : body

Indriya : senses

Siddhi : perfection / supernormal powers

Ashuddhi : impurities

Kshayaat: from the removal of

Tapah: the niyam of ‘tapa’ or austerity

Practice of tapa leads to removal of impurities of body and senses and enables one to perfect them/attain supernatural feats.

When you heat water, impurities are left behind and it changes to a subtler form — that of vapour. Similarly when a being gives himself pain and generates the heat of tapa, the body and senses get purified and he/she becomes entitled for subtler / higher dimensions.

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