Why Germany won the World Cup?


The Vedic sciences may seem redundant to the majority of Indians as they are busy following fragile and untried sciences and in the process are becoming guinea pigs for big multinationals which are thriving by taking out new kinds of medicines and latest kinds of surgeries. Take for example, bariatric, where they by-pass the majority of the intestines making the natural digestive process redundant leading to loss of body weight; loss of virility and body strength comes as a bonus. Dieticians are a galore selling strange diets where they promise fast track weight loss which is causing the skin to wrinkle and body to age fast…but then they have their channel partners in the form of a certain breed of doctors who take pride in calling themselves anti-ageing experts and dieticians though their own skin and appearance tells a different story.

I wonder at times that are the people who go to such kinds blind or simply mad or are they taken captive by the media blitz and the smooth sales talk to completely ignore the warnings which come with such packages…as fine prints which our myopic eyes fail to read.


In my travels far and wide, I meet such varieties in abundance. The bottomline is that nearly 100% of them are sick in the bodies (minds I will not comment on) and are now looking for solutions to the new problems which they are now facing. But this is found only in India, the West is more aware of the maladies of these so-called modern day quick fixes, so barring a minority, most of them are now coming back to nature and following the Indian Sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga and are getting amazing results.

I would like to bring up here that the secret of the recent World Cup victory of the German team has its root in my book Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension (now I am so used to seeing the various chapters from it being published by so many Western doctors under their names that nothing surprises me). I had detailed how slow breathing and heart rate leads to longevity and optimum efficiency of the body and its various benefits. I discovered that the German team has a special monitor on their cleats which monitors their heart rate during practice and as the heart rate goes above a maximum, the player is put off the practice and is given a lighter schedule, hence optimizing the efficiency (details can be had from the book Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension).The result is an alert mind and gradually the body reaches peak efficiency and is fit enough to even win the football World Cup.

It is sad that we Indians in spite of having access to all of Vedic sciences and Yogis are still running after foolish health fads and diets of which the modern day super foods are a part. The result is that we are ageing fast and are losing our health……the rest of the world is reaping the benefits of what our yogis have given and we here are paying the price for and bearing the brunt of what their scientists are giving…and not practicing themselves.


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