Vivekanand In Present Times


Recently the world celebrated the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, the primary disciple of Shri Ram Krishanji Paramhans. Born as Narendranath Datta on 12 January 1863, Vivekanand is alive in the hearts and minds of thousands, even after 113 years of his death, his thoughts revolutionising the lives of countless seekers till date…

In the very first meeting, Ram Krishanji cleared his doubts about God by making him experience subtler worlds and dimensions, just by touch. In the subsequent meetings there was transfer of shakti, revelation of his purpose and the acquisition of gyan of Creation. Vivekanand was in the company of Ram Krishanji in his end time when Ram Krishanji showed him the path of service (seva). Soon after Ram Krishanji left his body, Vivekanand formed an organisation to carry forward the thought of his Guru and dedicated his life to the cause…this organisation was called not Swami Vivekanand Trust, but was named after his Guru as Ramkrishan Mission. A reminder of the fact that what Vivekanand did was not to serve his ego, but as service to his Guru, for that alone is the path to moksha.


Of the so many who came to Ram Krishanji at Dakshineshwar, we only hear of one Vivekanand having had the darshan of all the shaktis through his Guru, and that one Vivekanand dedicated his life to the service of his Guru.

There are hundreds who have had the darshan of shaktis at Dhyan Ashram, quite a few have even had conversations with devs and devis, they have seen the inexplicable happen, desires manifesting in front of their eyes – each one has personally experienced the power of yog and shakti of Guru, yet I am unable to find even one Vivekanand among them, who would shoulder this responsibility and carry forward my thought, which is the thought of my Guru.

Now as the yug is changing at a greater speed, there is more tilt in the earth’s axis indicative of yet another lower phase for human creation, so it is all the more difficult for me to put somebody on the path, path which I am walking, only on a single instruction.

It was my one pointed faith and focus on the Guru that has made me carry on the work. I am unable to find that in anyone else in today’s date hence there is no Vivekanand now and as I think the Guru is not going to come back at this level of evolution, most of the gyan would be lost in Creation as it is not required now, but I have to go on trying…


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