The Vedic culture is a very scientific and precise science, science of the entire creation and the being as a micro part of the macrocosm.

It very clearly gives the path and also the way to reach it and also how to walk on it and also how to have the secrets of creation revealed to you so that the final merger happens with full consciousness in a disease free body…at will.


The reason why there are so many seekers and very few who achieve success is very simple, though it might sound difficult and complicated.Those who achieve the final reality have three things in common – a Guru who has the traits of the five yamas of Ashtanga Yoga, priority to the subject over all other things of life and regular practice along with service and charity.

These three prerequisites are essential for success on this path, if even one is missing then no matter how many religious books you read or how many sermons you attend or what all kriyas you do…it will all be a waste, I assure you,you will reach nowhere.

The above three are tied into the framework of the

four Ashrams – Brahmcharya, Grihasth, Vaanprastha and Sanyaas. These four ashrams naturally flow into the next, it is not forced, the right practice of yog ensures this.

I will give  a little insight into the Vaanprastha stage for a Yog Guru. Normally people think that it is renunciation, but there is no such thing as renouncing the world. One goes through it like a ship goes through the ocean – it is on the water and crosses the ocean, the water is not in it and so it does not sink.Vaanprastha simply means to begin the process of limiting your interactions with the mundane aspects of life and also with people whose priority is not yog. InVaanprastha, teachings continue and interactions with sadhaks go on. It can be called that now the ship is in the middle of the ocean and is moving towards its finality, those on the ship are limited as only those who trust the ship fully are allowed…for how long you know the ship [GURU] is of no consequence, your desire and the other prerequisites are important….you might have just begun your journey, you still can be allowed onto the ship.

So those of you who think that my entering Vaanprastha is a sign of my going away need to look into yourselves, find reasons to be here into yog, not reasons to run away from it by making excuses.


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