Traitors of Past Life


You have had lives before and you will have lives after this. Life is a continuous process, there is no full stop to it. Modern sciences agree and our rishis have known all along that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it only changes form. Similarly the body, which is the five elements, cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. Consciousness, too, cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. Soul lives in the body and experiences through consciousness.

In the last article we had discussed about spiritual traitors – how some people leave the path of spirituality owing to their petty ego and basic attractions and get caught in the spiral of devolution, spelling doom for themselves. Being a spiritual Guru, I have chanced upon many spiritual traitors in my present birth – the bhasmasurs of modern times, who were blessed with siddhis and shaktis of Creation and the first thing they decided to do was, try to use them against the one in whose physical presence they got those experiences. Ofcourse, as mentioned in the previous article, the only harm they could cause was to themselves because it is not possible to hurt or harm a spiritual Guru.


In this article, I will be throwing more light on why these spiritual traitors existed in my life, by elaborating on my last few lives.

Sanatan Kriya details the technique where you can and feel your connections with people around you and also how to relieve yourself from them for your own evolution and peace. There are many sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram who have experienced their past lives and also unearthed their past live connections with me – by experience I mean, real experience, not an autosuggestion or mind playing tricks as there are a lot of therapies prevalent in the market these days, termed as ‘past life regression’ where often the participant is led to believe that he was a king or a queen in last birth. The sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram, at different points in time and having not communicated with one another, have found them to be in similar places in their past births and also described my form and attire with striking similarity. What is even more striking is that their description of events, places and set-ups coincide with the historical data available on the times visited by them, indicating that it is not a play of the mind.

In my past births, I have been in Afghanistan, in the region of Hindu Kush Mountains and also in the sanidhya of saints like Totapuriji and Ramakrishna Paramhansa. All those who are with me today, have been with me before this lifetime, either in the battlefield, killing or getting killed, or in some revered ashram living amidst nature. Hence we are together in this lifetime.

As the Law of Karma is not selective, it is applicable universally, so some of you who have turned into spiritual traitors can take solace in the fact that you have been with me on the battlefields, where we may have been political traitors and this is a karmic balance out. As most probably, this is my last lifetime, so all the acts of treachery are being balanced out, for me, NOT for you. You are yet to face the consequences of your actions. Doom may take a while as you have gained some momentum by doing good deeds…have patience.

Those of you who have been with me in spiritual ashrams and spiritual pursuits in other lifetimes, need not worry about becoming spiritual traitors now or ever again in future and spelling doom for yourself because there is no such karmic backlog with us. It is only a journey of evolution, which, if it ever stops for you, will be because of a desire of yours and desires are temporary and can be easily gotten over with.

So, try to get over your desires by experiencing them and going beyond and one day you shall attain the final frontier, with me or without me.


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