The First Rape in Human History


Did you know that the first rape in human history was committed by a woman against a man?

Let us take a ride back in time to many millennia ago, to the times when perhaps the greatest rishi of all yugas was immersed in deep penance, the heat of which could not have been held by earth, heavens and netherworlds combined. He was feared by the devas and asurs combined, and his glow and radiance was unparalleled. His name was Vishvamitra.

Feeling threatened by the power of the rishi, Lord Indra sent Menaka, an apsara, to break his penance. While in popular culture we have seen Menaka performing dance moves to entice the rishi; one might question can some dance moves make a rishi, and we are talking of the greatest rishi of all times — he who had the capability to create a parallel universe with countless Menakas within it, lose control on himself ?

Rishi Vishvamitra was raped. Menaka forced herself on him against his will, when he was in penance and not aware of his body. He was raped multiple times, and after a point, he could not hold back and his penance broke. He reflected upon the incident and realised that he does not still have complete control over his body. So in order to master this aspect, he married Menaka and practiced for years together till he could go beyond it. Yogic shastras detail advanced practices by virtue of which one can gain complete control over the body and not give in, no matter the circumstances.

Later, even Rambha was sent to disturb Rishi Vishvamitra’s penance, only to be cursed by the rishi. Rambha could not succeed as he by then had mastered his body also.

The first woman who raped a man unleashed on womankind the scourge of rape. It is said karma comes back manifold and that is, if the karma is done against a normal being. If it’s against a spiritually evolved being, then the effects are disastrous. Rape cannot be defended whether done by a man or a woman. It’s a heinous crime, its effects are borne by generations to come.


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