The sun rises everyday without fail. There may be days when you are not able to see the sun due to cloud cover, the sun rises nevertheless. That is the niyam (discipline) and tapa (penance) of sun, hence the sun glows. Sun is in light. Following the sun has the effect of bringing a sadhak into light as well. This is the relevance of the ancient and powerful science of surya sadhna.

I often hear people say today there is no sun, or when I travel abroad, that the sun does not rise in our country. If you think that the sun hasn’t risen, and that you can sleep for a little longer, or that you can miss the sun practice, it means you have not understood the sun. There is a layer or veil which is not letting you see the sun and there is no desire in you to remove that layer or to meet the sun. Hence the experience of sun evades you. Just because you cannot see the sun, doesn’t mean that the sun has stop to rise. If you think any other way then your thought won’t change the reality of sun or affect anyone else, the only person that will be affected is you. That is, you will stay in darkness and no one can get you out of it because you have chosen it, out of convenience or desire.


There are people at Dhyan Ashram who have mastered the practice of surya sadhna and are able to interact with the beings of the surya lok and access their gyan. Just like you talk to your friends and family, they are able to converse with the devs and devis. And these devs and devis are showering copious amounts of gyan to them constantly. When the energy beings start interacting with a sadhak, it indicates that their eyes have fallen on him/her. After this the sadhak needs to be extremely careful as from here it is either the journey straight up or to the pits below. He/she will either constantly work to increase his/her appetite for gyan by generating the required karmas and reach the higher lokas or will fall into the pits of lower lokas due to the misuse of gyan, which will happen as nothing is constant in Creation, it is either moving up or down. So more the force inside you, the higher or lower you go. Selflessness will take you higher and selfishness will take you lower.

Those for whom these interactions have still not started can consider themselves in the safe zone, as for them the journey is yet to start. The eyes of the beings up there haven’t fallen on them as yet. They can continue to stay under the blankets and tell themselves that sun hasn’t risen or strive to access the sun — the choice and desire is their own.


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