Yog is a beautiful journey, it is a journey into the physically manifested Creation, enjoying its aspects and then going beyond them into higher forms of pleasures and higher dimensions of experience. I get people from all walks of life and from all strata of society who come to me with a zillion questions about the physical life and what lies beyond it. The interesting thing being in all those zillion questions is that they can be divided into five heads as I have previously written in my last article, the sixth head being the true seeker, these are the people who have lived with me in previous lifetimes and have been a part of me and my various lives, whether on the battlefields of Afghanistan or the dunes of Rajasthan or the ashrams of Narmada and the Himalayas. They have started their journeys with me many lifetimes back and have now come again to continue them…in this life.

I normally have been questioned by many people about the experiences which one gets on the spiritual path, the highly educated (in the modern sciences) call these experiences a play of the subconscious combined with the hidden desires and the not-so-educated (the believers) keep on asking me for an experience. It is a regular problem which I face whenever I am teaching energy sciences, “please give me an experience, just once” and a few thousands of you who have done dhyan with me can vouch for the fact that the experiences happen and they happen more than once but you always ask for more…this thought is not for all of you, it is for those who have not as yet got their experience.


For the last one year, I have been repeatedly asked by a specific sadhak for an experience, every time he comes to the ashram, the question is the same…”when will I get my first experience?”, so this time I thought that let me give him some gyan of the inner world and show him his lacunae.

I asked him to come and see me at 8 pm at the ashram and said that I would be waiting. The gentleman landed way beyond 9. I had a casual conversation and then asked him to come the next day at the same time. He again landed way beyond 9. This time I asked him the reason for his delay. He, in a very casual way, told me that the driver got lost…”the driver got lost? In this day and age of satellite maps to locate a well-known ashram, the driver got lost?”

My next question to him was about the time when he left his place. He again casually gave a window time of 45 minutes to an hour, when the driving time is a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Next I asked him whether he had ever gotten late for any of his business meetings. If he could remember even one time…the expression on his face told me that he was struggling to find even one such incident.

Priority. The science of the spirit does not ask you for priority, it demands it as a law. Giving your mundane acts of life priority over this ultimate science, this final frontier, the journey beyond, out of the clutches of the physical life.

If one takes it in such a casual way then the experiences will elude, or they will be just as the intellectuals and the highly educated say, “it is in the subconscious.”

So if you choose to venture into this dimension with me, then please be prepared to give it the foremost priority….or else you will waste your time, this is a real science, it is not in the mind, its boundaries are limitless and the experiences phenomenal, but it demands like any other science…priority.


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