Penning my experiences…with ‘prospective’ shishyas…


Nearly for a decade things moved fine, a couple of times he did stop coming to me due to his uncontrolled anger because he did not like what I said to him. But fortunately for him, his clairvoyant ability always showed him my form and he got attracted back. I remember once he got possessed by a spirit and began conversing with me in a strong female voice. I had to spend nearly two nights in silence to get him out of that possession…a Guru’s life is tough.

He gave predictions about certain politicians and known figures of that time, predictions accurately defining the time of their manifestation, predictions which have come true through nearly a decade and a half…every time right. He also wrote about my journey and chakras, the changes which I will go through the years of my going into vanaprastha and also my sanyas period – all accurately at a time when I had no intention of vanaprastha and sanyas. He also made predictions about some senior people at the Foundation who at that time were going very deep into yog, but he told that they will stop yog in xyz years…and they did. All this and much more has been documented in his diaries which he had been writing over the years on his clairvoyant observations. He has been kind enough to give these set of diaries to the Foundation, these diaries talk about my complete journey and the changes in my energy patterns, my evolution and finally even the time for me to leave as predicted by him.


Unfortunately, maya struck and the person left yog to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. Today he wears a beautiful business suit and goes around the world…desires manifested…yog lost.

Without being judgmental about anybody, this incident is a simple example of how desires rule a human being. I don’t consider anything to be either good or bad. But desires are desires. It is your choice what you buy with your karmic balance – a havan kund or a business suit. The choice is always yours.


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