Said Krishna to Arjuna – Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata, abhyuthaanam adharmasya tadaatmanam srijamihyam | Paritranaaye sadhunaam, vinashaaya cha dushkritaam | Dharma sansthaapnaaya, sam bhavaami yuge yuge || (Whenever dharma is compromised, to end adharma, I am born. To protect the gentle beings, to destroy the evil doers, to establish the rule of dharma, I am born.)

There is no being that is gentler than the cow, the destruction of cow is directly proportional to the fall of yuga. Today wherever you look, the cow is abused. Everybody is busy singing and dancing in the name of Krishna, but no one remembers what he said. I see Dhyan Foundation as the only entity that is fulfilling the cause of Krishna by saving cows. Today the entire cow mafia is trying to somehow pull us down, to taint our reputation, but they won’t be able to do it. You cannot pollute fire and Dhyan Foundation is fire. Whoever will try to pollute it, will burn his hands.


We are doing the karya of aavesh – he who prepares ground for the birth of an avatar. We should feel fortunate that we got this opportunity in this yuga. In this war, there can be only two sides, either you are on the side of Krishna or you are not. There can be no third side. So feel fortunate if you are on this side. The more the opposition, the better it is for you because it will go on to prove that this is kalyug and you are on the side of krishna. This is how kalyug is described in the shastras, and all those that are part of this movement or thought called Dhyan Foundation are like small lights which are glowing and can be seen from the devalok.

Look at the state of the world, so much chaos and in the thick of a pandemic, all of you are standing firm amidst all odds. This is proof for you what faith can do. You are not hoarding; you are putting in what you have to further this cause. All the gurus have done this only. Guru Gobind Singh, upon losing his four sons in the war, said – ‘tera tujhko arpan, kya lage mera’ (what was yours has been offered to you, nothing belongs to me). This strength comes from walking on the path of dharma. When you are walking on the path of dharma, what can be untoward for you. Look at the path you are on, and see how unfortunate are those who have digressed from here or who are against it.

When we talk of journey, there is no business or dance or socialising in it, there is only journey. In my 25 years of teaching there is not one person, who if has done what he/she has been asked to, has not had the experience of the subtle world. I am often asked – why do people leave the path. To them I ask – do you think it is easy to walk this path…where you apparently get nothing? You only give (what is visible from the physical plane). Spiritual experiences happen.

If your reason to come on this path is anything other than spiritual growth — you cannot stay on this path. You will slip somewhere and when you do, the demonic forces will catch hold of you and take you to deep dungeons of hell when you leave the body. Identify your reasons. Reasons should be right. If the reason is your journey, then there is no way you can shake, no matter what.


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