Pacific’s experience of Guru


It was Guru Poornima sandhya and I was standing on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, normally a very violent ocean with huge waves and strong winds, but on that day it seemed as if the vast ocean was also trying to merge into the Guru’s energy. It was still, as still as a lake, something unbelievable. Slowly a bright glow emerged from somewhere and spread all over the horizon. I witnessed it all, admiring the Guru throughout. It remained still till late evening. As I was leaving, I could begin to hear the waves…..revelations began setting into me slowly. It was after sandhya dhyan, thinking of all those who left this journey after treading it with me for short distances, it could not be a coincidence, it seemed like a pattern in all, no exceptions…

They came to me apparently searching for divinity, I cannot call them liars, for they genuinely did walk a few steps. It would be better to call them opportunists, smart opportunists. They came in a hyper state, with nothing, and in a short while, calmed down as they approached the Guru genuinely, just like the ocean. The ocean absorbed gyan, so did they. They had their range of experiences, from being ordinary-looking people, they glowed like halogen bulbs, their features changed, in some from flat to really sharp, some started getting approached by movie people, some soared in their professions and assets, majority could heal people by just a wave of their hands, those who were falling emotionally suddenly became pillars of strength for others, those dying or nearly dead (I can’t say dead), revived overnight. Frail bodies changed to bodies which people marveled at. Just like the ocean, they were calm, happy and journeying towards the final frontier.


Slowly as each achieved, what I call the basic, what the five senses would call epitome. They left, left to enjoy the new found…physical.

Gradually the hyper activity returned, looks faded, health vanished, assets stagnated, but the enjoyment of the senses increased. Faces which glowed and attracted movie offers even without makeup now look tired and dull, ugly at times, a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to hide reality…behind makeup. Some who used to reach the right path, are found waving beer bottles in night clubs and screaming like asurs, some eating the flesh of the very animals they used to save…the waves became turbulent, life a chaos…trying to hold on to what they were blessed with. The thought suddenly came to me, the Guru has moved away from the ocean, the glow is fading; the waves are rising… is the Pacific.


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