Intoxication of Senses


The month of phalgun is marked by a plethora of spiritual raves being organized for Shivratri and Holi. The highlight of most such events is the bhang, which is consumed by one and all, as a prasad of Shiv, as a token of Shakti…Many so-called spiritual organizations organize raves, where youth are misled into believing, that SHIV is about indulging and intoxicating your senses. It is these gurus (so-called), who are responsible for the downslide of the vedic culture, they are criminals who deserve no forgiveness.

I too have done this in the past interestingly, with certain so-called spiritual organizations, but when I entered yog, I started realizing that among the people who come to me, the ones who consume alcohol are unable to comprehend the subject – they neither get the gyan, nor the experience. With time, either they leave the spiritual path, or alcohol leaves them. That is, intoxication and spirituality cannot go hand-in-hand.


And this intoxication is not just limited to alcohol, it could also be the intoxication of money, power, fame, beauty, body, relationship, etc., all of which are intoxications of the five senses and these senses keep one tied to maya, so these people leave me, as I am real and this unreal, we cannot go hand-in-hand…The pleasures of the senses are temporary and would not go on for long. They have to end one day. Similarly, the senses also reduce in ability and strength daily, and would also fade away, as will the body.

Tied to the five senses, one is unable to understand and interact with the higher energies or get the higher gyan. For example, if you are seeing a very beautiful picture and are engrossed in it, your sense of sight is active. At that time, you will not be able to hear the sounds around you. Similarly, when you are stuck on a sensory object, you are unable to hear/understand anything beyond that. So, to go to the subtler dimensions and experience the subtler worlds that are beyond the five elements, one has to first get liberated from the five senses. Liberation here does not mean to suppress them or be without them but, to have them and be a master of them.

Any kind of intoxication related to five elements is an intoxication of the five senses and gradually the senses dull. Forget the experiences of the higher worlds, the experiences of the physical dimension also would be lost and you will go in grief. If you look around, you will not find even one happy and satisfied person, including yourself. Reason being that everyone wants to hold on to the physical which is slipping away from their hands every second, like dry sand from your grip…

This is my practical experience. You can try it out. Those who are away from all kinds of physical intoxications, how close they are to me…and the ones who are intoxicated with physical pleasure and power, are as far away from me as unreality is from reality.


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