Sun or Surya is the epitome of gyan. As one masters the surya sadhna, he/she is able to experience the dimension of Surya – which comprises of beings who are full of gyan, and it is the glow of this gyan which is felt by us millions of light years away, as heat and light.

But the distance between earth and sun is vast, and in this journey from prithvilok to suryalok, one encounters many a dimensions and beings en route. Some of these are subtler or higher, more of them are grosser or lower. Lower, because, while you are aiming to reach the sun, you are still standing on earth, and closely connected to the dimensions below.


The higher energies also interact with you, sometimes in sanskrit shlokas, sometimes answer your deepest questions, but then, its not always them who you intercept on the path…Sometimes a googly is thrown at you – you hear / are told something which is not the fact and could lead you to a wrong direction. You think it is coming from the same source but then actually you have connected to a lower form at that point – because of an emotion or a negative thought process. The lower energies will whisper things in your ears, try to convince you that you are wasting your time,  poison you against your Guru and those on the path, basically try their best to make you stop and take a u-turn to the the lower dimensions – to increase their force. These energies typically take the route of emotions – whatever / whoever you are emotional about – that will become their entry point. Remember, spirituality is a pyramidical structure, there is only so much space at the top…

An easy way to identify a googly is that you are getting negative thoughts about a spiritually evolved person or a person committed to the path of seva or service, or being told that a person who is living for just him/herself, who is immersed in intoxications is a better ally. Or you are being given temptations of physical world – money, job, relationship, power, status – things which are temporary and unreal – to distract you, to divert your focus, basically take you off the path. The Guru will always warn you – at that time it is important to listen to him / her even if the energies are convincing you otherwise, remember the purpose with which you started the journey and the experiences you have had enroute, keep holding the hand of Guru and request these whispers and beings to leave you alone…for they are not your destination…you have to cross them to reach. You need to play each googly that is thrown at you, and stay in the game. Even if you don’t make runs, it is ok, as you have collected plenty of them in the form of all the good karmas you have done to reach till here, what is important is not to get clean bowled…


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