how to get glow

Tree is the being closest to god. Why?

If you look at the life of a tree, it is always giving — shade, pure air, food, shelter…sacrificing itself, bearing the sun, winds and water. It does so till the last, even as it decays and dies, it continues to give.


That is the path to divine. To sacrifice your self to help others. The greater the sacrifice, the more is your glow, and the sooner you are seen by divine.

You can either be in light, or you are in darkness.

The pain and suffering of humans and animals is because of their karmas. If you are in capacity to relieve their pain, and you do it. Then you are in light. Else you are in darkness.

Gods are in light, and they are constantly relieving pain of beings…

Think about it. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, everyone is looking at god to help them…but why should god look at you?

Just like when look at night sky, we see dots of light glowing in darkness. From the dimension of gods, we are perceived as dots in darkness. The ones that glow are easily seen, the ones in darkness cannot be seen…that glow is the glow of karma.

Take another example, that of sun. If you look at its karma, it is burning itself to provide heat and light to support all life on earth. It does so constantly, without stopping or thinking or missing a day. Hence its glow. So much is the glow, that one can get blinded looking at it.

Create that glow within you. Do as much as you can to aid creation. Save animals, feed poor, nurse sick, nurture plants — wherever you can help, step in. Do it without expecting anything in return. Make it your nature, just like suns nature is to burn to give heat and light or trees nature is to give food and shade and air. And, the gods will take notice you. Make this your nature once that is done glow will be permanent and gods will see you and respond to your ‘tamso maa jyotrigamaya ‘.

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