Gidaran Ton Mein Sher Banawan



What is faith?


In the year 1704 in the battle pf Chamkaur, Guru Gobind Singh had an army of 40-45 men whereas the Mughals spanned in several lakhs. That time he said –

Chidiya naal mein baaz tarawan | Gidaran ton mein sherbanawan | Sawa lakh naal ek ladawan | Tab, Gobind Singh naamdharawan || (When I make sparrows fight the hawk, When I make jackals into lions, When I make one fight a hundred thousand, that I take the name Gobind ‘Singh’)

And he came out unscathed. That is faith.

It is important to note here that Guru Gobind Singh did not live for himself. Living for self is not living. Living is, for Creation. You get basis what you give to Creation. When everything is for the creation, what harm can one do to you? Try as they may. What happens to you is for Divine to see, not for you. But when you thinking about yourself, when you are unable to look beyond, then the faith shakes.

Dhyan Foundation sadhaks* are live example of this. In these times of pandemic, and with cattle mafia turning against them owing to the rehabilitation work they are carrying out with the BSF soldiersthey go out alone to feed and rescue, and have time and again been surrounded by goons of mafia, not a scratch on any of them. Looking at them I am reminded of Guru Sahib, gidars have become shers. And they do it. That is faith.

If the faith is to save someone else, nothing can happen to you. It’s God’s problem, you just do your karma, you can never fail. There is nothing yours in itso you have nothing to lose. When there is nothing to lose, there is no fear. But when you have everything to lose, it means you are collecting for yourself, then if the neighbour gets infected with a virus, the whole colony is quarantinedthey wear masks and gloves and lock themselves in their houses such that no one can enter. The more you collect for yourself, the more fear you have of losing it, and as this fear increases, the faith shakes.

So many go to temples and tell God, ‘give me little more’, or ‘save this of mine’. When the lockdown happened, so many pujaris in the temple and the animals outside the temple were going hungryas no one was ready to feed them. That time Dhyan Foundation volunteers stepped out to feed. They have faith. They have seen what is beyond and after life. They know, that till when will their property and assets stay with them, it is just a matter of time. Why ruin your journey over it?


*Disclaimer: Please note Dhyan Foundation sadhaks and volunteers followed a strict protocol to safeguard themselves from the virus along with the requirements of the law (this includes movement passes during the lockdown). 


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