In yog, they say that the Guru is a force which helps you break the bondages of maya and propels you beyond, just like a rocket breaks the bondages of gravity and goes into orbit…well said, but you need to understand that this force is also heat having the capacity to melt the strongest of metals (body of sadhak) as you come closer to your Guru, that is your physical proximity increases with him. His intensity begins to enter you and your various body parts and your aura. Chances are, if at any point of time you take him to be a human, your vessel stops to upgrade to this heat and the phenomenal energy inside you, which you have been given by the Guru, takes you off-course and cent percent towards a crash and destruction as your vessel, which has been forged because of your karmas, is weak compared to the Guru’s force. Your destruction happens because ego increases, that ‘I have so much and he is only a human being’. This one thought makes or breaks the upgradation process of your vessel. Destruction is certain unless you realise and come back on the path.

Recently in one of my travels, I happened to be with someone who has been walking the path of yog perfectly, absorbing and progressing, constantly upgrading the vessel by the intense faith and practices. She had been insisting for the last two years that she wants to cook for me, a human emotion. This time I gave her a chance. In a small hotel room, she got the complete stuff that was required and cooked up a delicious meal for me. The next day was a session, and I had not eaten anything since morning and as we know, sessions are tiring and exhausting and drain out a lot of energy which is given to people who attend, hunger pangs and exhaustion are a natural follow through of a session (for me). I was again invited to her room and I went there very happy. As I sat there waiting for some delicious dishes to appear, she sprung a surprise!


She brought out a pad in which she had scribbled some notes on her experiences in yog. Very excitedly she asked me, “Can we discuss this?” I said, “yes, of course,” with a smile as I anticipated all the delicious dishes go out of the window and trauma of one more session looking ahead of me. Next half hour was spent discussing her experiences, her experiences and her experiences. After 40 minutes, I could not take it anymore and told her I need to go and eat somewhere in the market as it is getting late. She told me with a hurt look, “Guruji, the food…I am going to make now.”

In the last two decades of teaching yoga, I have become quite worldly wise and always carry a fall back. This time it was a packet of food I had bought from the market as per the advice of my Guru who had anticipated this. We heated up that food and I was saved. As I left the room, I wondered…till 24 hours ago, her priority was feeding me, for which she struggled for the last two years. She got me and the priority changed. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say…


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