People In Kerala Are Poisoning Stray Dogs And No One Is Doing Anything About It


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. But surprisingly, it is the most literate state in the country that has found a way to repay them for being the gentle creatures that they are – by poisoning them with cyanide, sucol & strychnine.

Certain groups have come up in the state of Kerala that have taken upon themselves to kill the stray dogs. The alumni association of a prominent college in Kerala in October announced that it would gift gold coins to civic authorities who would kill the maximum number of stray dogs till December 10 in Kerala. The outfit had hit headlines recently for providing air guns at subsidised rates to deal with violent dogs.


It is sad state of affairs that the Apex Court has had to intervene on more than one occasion to curb the menace and blatant disregard of law.

On September 14, the Supreme Court had said compassion should be shown to stray dogs and these animals be not allowed to become a menace to the society, while stressing on the need for balance to be created for dealing with such situations. On October 4th, the Apex Court had restrained public display of street dogs being beaten to death in Kerala by some politicians. “Life of a human being is more important than that of a rabid dog. However, such moves cannot be accepted. Only actions sanctioned by law should be should be taken,” the Supreme Court said.

Saji, is one of the person who killed and paraded with the carcasses in Kottayam on 26 Sep and was mentioned in the order of 4 Oct 2016m by the honorable Supreme Court. The press report quotes him saying: (1) Street Dogs will be caught and delivered to the residences of fake dog lovers (2) Will not allow the release of neutered dogs to the streets (3) Till a permanent solution is found in this matter, Youth Front will continue protesting. Gils Periappuram, Piravom dog killer (who was also mentioned in the Supreme Court Order) was also present while Saji addressed the media.

The Supreme Court on 17th November, 2016, has finally taken cognizance of the issue and has ordered vigilante groups in Kerala to stop killing stray dogs, and asked the state government to take action against them.

But, here’s food for thought for the most literate state in the country – dogs being dogs have limited options when hungry, cold, hot or scared – to protect themselves even if it means attacking someone for their safety. The human being however, surely have better ways than to behave like dogs themselves?

Education doesn’t necessarily mean knowledge or wisdom. If this is what the most literate state in the country does to the voiceless animals; we must, on priority, rethink about our education system!

In The News

Njarakkal (Ernakulam District), 7 dogs killed on 05 Sep by Panchayat member, Mini Raju (Njarakkal Panchayat 15th Ward Member), Jose Maveli and DYFI workers.

Airgun distribution to public for killing of stray dogs – on 04 Oct 2016, allegedly Old Students Association of St. Thomas College in Pala (Kottayam District) inaugurated a project to distribute Airguns to public (for killing dogs) by presenting an Airgun to Jose Maveli at the Press Club Kochi in Ernakulam. A subsidy was announced of 10% to general public and 25% to people who already have a case of dog killing registered in their names. The Association did not have any license to stock, sell of distribute air guns.

Jose Maveli makes school children vow to kill all street dogs: On 06 Oct 2016, about 100 school children made to take an unconstitutional, violent & hate-filled pledge in a gathering organized by Kochouseph Chittilappilly and Jose Maveli at the Ernakulam Town Hall on 06 Oct 2016. The pledge, recited by Jose Maveli, who urged the school Page 3 of 3 children to repeat after him said,

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TIW Bureau

2 thoughts on “People In Kerala Are Poisoning Stray Dogs And No One Is Doing Anything About It

  1. Shut the fuck up they are doing right think you know how many people die of rabies did yo know small children were killed by this holligan stray dogs this step of killing stray dog is right and be implemented to every state most importantly in uttar pradesh

  2. These people who travel in air conditioned cars and live in multi storied houses will never understand the risk of walking on the streets especially for kids when a group of stray dogs follows you. The pharmaceutical industry pays off the politicians since they only care about selling expensive rabies vaccines.

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