Politicizing Religion, Glorifying Criminals


Eid has just passed, all at Dhyan Foundation celebrated it in its spirit, like a festival ought to be celebrated in its true spirit, non-politically.

But it was sad to read an article by Saba Naqvi, which politicized the festival and showed a clear bias towards a political agenda, even going to the extent of defending a group of people who have maybe a couple of hundred FIRs against them, only in the last few months, for crimes ranging from car lifting, illegal mining of the Aravalis to illegal slaughter of animals. It was sad to read her viewpoint on a place and its people, which she probably has never visited in her life and has no ground facts on. For the readers benefit, I would like to educate that Mewat is an area in Haryana near Alwar, which even the police dreads to enter. It is a famous hideout of criminals who after being chased by the police, disappear inside the area. Many a times, people from this area have been involved in crimes venturing well into the colonies of south Delhi, any one even with a basic education can take the trouble and visit the adjoining police stations and get details on the FIRs against them. I could give you video recordings where these people can be seen and heard negotiating deals of all of the above mentioned.


Blaming the Haryana police for checking the meat of the biryanis which are sold here was a shocker as the law of the state does not permit cow slaughter and it is a well-known fact that the illegal activities of some of these people have big crime tails, at times even leading to heinous crimes and crimes against the solidarity of India. Thousands of crores of illegal money, where no taxes are paid are generated here and feeds the black market. If the police is handicapped by stupid accusations of checking biryanis and are not allowed to do their job then the results would be disastrous for the state. The intentions of Ms.Naqvi here definitely need an investigation. The meat was beef and that also illegal.

The other shocker in the article crossed all limits and is like a direct challenge to the courts, the court’s ruling against cow slaughter and the Kashmiris’ killing cows on the streets as a protest, defying the law of the land, seems to have the approval of Ms. Naqvi. I am sure this ISIS philosophy finds favor with her as the thrust of the article seems to be on defending people who take law in their own hands, but wait a second here, this privilege seems to be only for a community which she belongs to, the others are being called criminals only on the basis of accusations, with no convictions. Heinous crimes like defying the law of the land openly are being defended by simple accusations. The judgement of course has been passed by Ms.Naqvi, not by courts.

In India more than 10,000 crimes, big and small, happen every day. Picking up a nano percentage and giving it the colour of beef and calling yourself an oppressed class, coming on TV, writing anti-national articles and sitting in the plush comfort of your home, eating biryani. Doing nothing for the very people who you are writing about and making money at their cost…madame this can happen only in secular India. I could quote maybe two hundred cases where innocent people are behind bars, have been brutally beaten up, murdered, kidnapped and where the police has been prevented from doing their job as the person accused belongs to a certain minority which finds favour by her, but it would become a match between me and her and I can assure the reader that there is no match…


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