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Ever come face-to-face with your neighbourhood not-so-friendly overflowing Garbage Dump?

Ever noticed an eclectic group of animals, birds and insects throng in merriment at the heaped feast of plastic, sanitary waste, cotton buds and toxic ingestible wastes that makes its way from our homes, offices etc. into their bodies?


Ever wondered how toxic the milk you decided to buy from the dairy to avoid adulterated packet milk really is?

If you haven’t, then it’s about time you learnt the truth!

Like street lamps and sign posts, open, overflowing Garbage Dumps seem to be adorning every neighbourhood today (big or small alike).

Open garbage dumps not only portray the city in poor light, but are also cause for a major concern, that of being a ‘breeding ground’ for infection & disease. These are harmful for both humans and animals, particularly on cow and its progeny.

What every Concerned, Health Conscious Citizen must know is that, a majority of the milkmen (dairy owners) leave their cows on the roads in the morning to feed themselves. These cows then take to garbage dumps, feeding on plastic and toxic ingestible wastes. The repercussions of this, is a gruesome and painful death that majority of the cows meet, due to feeding on plastic found in these garbage dumps, while the humans (including our children) who feed on milk from such cows become host to a plethora of deadly diseases including all types of cancer. At Dhyan Foundation, we have conducted post-mortem of many cows which died on the streets and were shocked to find 20 to 60 kgs of plastic in their gut.

Abandoning cows on roads to feed on garbage is an offence under the PCA Act, 1960, Sections 3& 11, and Sections 428,429,289 of IPC, 1860 and these owners should be booked under these acts.

Our Honorable Prime Minister initiated the ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement and we must too spread awareness among people so that everyone understands the need of the hour, which is to keep the city clean & prevent infections and animal deaths due to toxic substances.

We invite all Health-Conscious, Law-Abiding, Animal-Loving Citizens to come together in this initiative and help us rid our cities off this toxic waste.

All you need to do:​

Step 1 Click pictures when you come across an open, overflowing garbage dump​

Step 2 Go to the portal interact-with-honble-pm/

Step 3 Click on ‘Write to the Prime Minister’

Step 4 Give your basic details as required (under the Grievance Category drop down select ‘Environment Issues/Animal Welfare/Forest conservation’)

Step 5 Write down details about your Area and City

Step 6 Attach a pdf format of the pictures of garbage dumps in your area with/without animal feeding on them and click submit

When you submit the grievance you will get a registration number on your email id and mobile as well, kindly share the registration number with Dhyan Foundation on [email protected].

You can check the status of your lodged grievance by entering the registration number in

If you have any grievances/concerns/queries, #9711000491

Plastic Cows

What most people do not know is that these gentle bovines, have a very complicated digestive system, and with continued ingestion of plastic over a period of time, it gets trapped in their stomachs forever with no scope for excretion or digestion, therefore getting entangled with different materials inside and turning hard, like cement, in their rumen (the first belly of the cow). This is the ‘Plastic Cow’ and it is sentenced to a slow, gruelling death, while humans who consume its milk…. An even more painful one.

Arti Tondon

Arti Tondon

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