Battle With The Bully, A True Story


As a young child, I had been subjected to a lot of domestic violence and abusive language, our financial situation was unstable. All of this had a disturbing effect on me. My father had been practicing yoga for quite some time, one day I decided to ask Yogi Ashwini if I could too do yoga. I wrote an email to him, and he replied with a ‘yes’.

So on 10th September 2014, I started with Sanatan Kriya and with it began the journey of discovering my own self. There was a renewed sense of self-confidence and stability…and in only three weeks of doing the kriya, I found a new talent in me…I could write poems. And my poems have earned me a lot of appreciation from my peers and teachers…something I always wanted- to be acknowledged.


Sharing with you a poem I wrote for Lovish Kalani (the boy in my class, who got bullied).

When I made my teacher read the poem, she immediately called the boys who bullied Lovish Kalani. She showed them the piece of paper and told those boys that it was a complaint from Lovish’s parents. She scolded them and warned them of the consequences if they repeated what they had done. They never bullied him after that. They did catch hold of me and ask me if I gave that application to the teacher, I told them I had only written a poem…

Author: Akashdeep William (15 Years, Class IX)

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Guest Author

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