Yog : An Entry Or An Exit?

yoga: An entry or an exit

Today, one can find so many different arts that promise an experience of the energy world. There is a plethora of organisations selling everything under the sun in the name of yoga… enough to confuse a person not for this lifetime, but many lifetimes. Once, I read a newspaper article about why one should hang a wind-chime in the middle and not on the side of the door. Such things beat all logic. People say whatever comes to their mind first; just make to make it sound a little different. Once it is different, it is something new, an innovation that is ready to be marketed and sold.

All this buying and selling over the counter, makes one wonder whether yog and the various spiritual sciences are exit from or entry into the world of maya. One enters the dimension of yoga without knowing where one is headed to or what one wants. Majority who enter, meet these clever businessmen selling them courses and realise after a few years that they wasted this lifetime and have achieved nothing.


The rishis of yesteryear possessed phenomenal glow and radiance, exuded youth till the last and had access to the various energies that run this creation, AND I can assure you, they attended none of these courses and never bought any of it either. The various energies that run the creation are right in front of us but to be able to see them, certain higher senses are required. These senses pertain to the higher centres of brain and to access those higher centres, lower centres of the brain have to stilled, which require one to gain control over the five senses and their related pleasures, because it is these senses that constantly engage the seven to eight per cent of brain that is active in a normal being, what we call the play of maya. When you tread on the path of yog under your Guru, gradually the five basic senses are stilled, unveiling the world of energy, which controls the physical world that we see around us. A key to still these senses lies in the breath which should be deep and gentle and all pranayams etc which entail rapid breathing should be stopped.

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Armaan Chatly

Armaan Chatly

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