Stay safe from air pollution using these natural methods


Scared about the smoke in the air affecting your and your child’s health? Here are three ways to stay fit during the festive pollution, Winters, in metro cities are characterized by increased air pollution levels, among other things, which takes a toll on your lungs opening the gates to a plethora of problems.  Below are three techniques from Sanatan Kriya to keep your lungs strong and your system toxin free.

Nadi Shodhnam Pranayam


For this, sit in Vajrasan. Place the middle finger of the right hand at the center of the eyebrows. The thumb rests on the right nose while the ring finger is used to control the left. The left hand rests on the thigh. Now keeping your eyes shut, inhale from the right nostril, and exhale from the left. Now inhale from the left nostril and exhale from the right. This completes one cycle. Repeat this cycle seven times. Inhale to a count of four and exhale to a count of eight or twelve depending on your personal capacity. The pranayam stimulates the flow of prana in the three major nadis of the body, burns away toxins and cleanses the system.

Do Jal Neti

Take 500 ml of bearably warm water in a neti pot, add half tea-spoon black/rock salt and a pinch of turmeric. Stand evenly, bend slightly forward and tilt the head at an angle of 45 degrees towards the left. Insert the nozzle of the pot into the right nostril. While breathing from the mouth, tilt the pot so that the water flows into the right nostril and flows out of the left. Repeat on the other side. Breathe normally afterwards. Saline water is the best cleansing medium, which absorbs and scrapes away infectious pathogens accumulated in the nasal passage. Turmeric is a disinfectant, antiseptic and scouring agent. Jal Neti Kits are available on

Put Ghee in Nostrils

Warm pure ghee (made out of desi cow’s milk) to a bearable temperature. Lie down flat on your back and let the head hang down, bending the neck backwards. Using a dropper or spoon, pour about 5 drops of ghee in each nostril in a way that it does not flow down towards the throat but back towards the head. Keep lying in this position for 5 minutes. Ghee lubricates the nasal passage and strengthens the mucous membranes against infections. Do this before you step out of the house.

To learn these techniques, it is advised you visit a Dhyan Foundation center near you.

Dhyan Foundation conducts Asan and Pranayam classes every week in Gurgaon and Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. To attend, 9999567895

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