Fat reduction the natural way (Part 1)


We received many queries on the prescribed herbs for fat reduction, here it is important for the reader to understand that people of kapha type easily put on weight, and this weight is visible (on face and stomach area) and hence is easy to remove.

The other two types i.e. the vata and pitta types also put on weight, but this weight is of a different kind, which is much more dangerous than fat. This excess weight manifests in the physical body as depression with symptoms of a bad stomach, insomnia, self-pity, and suicidal tendency. These symptoms cause heaviness in the body. Just herbs mentioned in the previous articles alone would not have a major effect on these types. Resorting to various kinds of diet programmes or doing asanas in isolation also is of little use.


Two of the very important purifications in Ashtang Yog in general, and the Sanatan Kriya in particular, are non-collection and purity of thought. As the body is an inherent part of the Brahmand, so it is also governed by the laws of nature, one of which is non-collection. If we observe nature, wherever there is collection, be it any kind, an imbalance develops – be it emotional (congested emotions) or physical (obesity).

The dirtiest of water becomes pure when it starts flowing and rots and brings about decay and imbalance when left to collect. The same thing happens to human beings too. Most of us misconceive the human being for the body only, whereas the physical body is only a reflection of the astral body. Being a part of universal consciousness, we are a collective as well as separate entity. Each one is here on an individual journey, yet being a part of the universe has responsibilities towards others, nature, and the entire universe as a whole. But engrossed in our nuclear universes most of us conveniently forget our responsibilities and only focus on our achievements. And focus exclusively on `I, Me, and Myself’. One just collects – be it heavy negative emotions or envy, problems associated with malnutrition and somato-psychic imbalances manifest; by the time we realize it has deeply manifested. Then we resort to suppressive drugs and get caught in a vicious circle. Majority end up with a psychiatrist and remain there, and go on living with the help of drugs. These drugs only help in suppressing the symptom, while they give side effects are aplenty.

(To be continued…)

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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