Yogsutras of Patanjali – Samadhipaad 24 and 25


Samadhipaad, Yogsutra 24

Klesh karma vipaak ashaya aparamrisht purush vishesh ishavarah



Klesh: Cause of suffering (five in number, described in a later sutra)

Karma: Action, effect of suffering

Vipaak: Fruit of action

Ashaya: Disposition of mind before fruition of action

Aparamrisht: Untouched

Purush: Atma/soul

Vishesh: Specific, special, unique

Ishavarah: Ishvar

Patanjali now gives the prescription of Ishvar, surrender to whom was prescribed in the previous sutra.

That supreme soul, which is untouched by cause of action, effect of suffering (which is action), fruits of action as well as the longing that exists before fruition of action, that is ishvar.

Ishvar or God is not someone sitting with a stick in the hand to punish you. It is the subtlest of subtle frequency, that which is separate from the mundane aspects of physical or the unreal which leads ordinary men to associate themselves with suffering, prompts them to perform action to end suffering, ties them to the fruits of the action and infests the mind with feelings and thoughts in the anticipation of result of action.


Samadhipaad, Yogsutra 25

Tatra niratishayam sarvagya beejam

Tatra: There (in that ishvar)

Niratishayam: Unsurpassed, which has no atishay (highest point)

Sarvagya: All-knowing, omniscient

Beejam: Seed/potential

Patanjali lists more qualities of Ishvar

In that Ishvar dwells the seed of limitless, unsurpassed gyan, this gyan has no highest point, it is unending/infinite.

If you are engaged in the limited and unreal, you miss the essence or reality of Creation. For example, if you are busy observing a squirrel cracking a nut in the garden, till you are focussed there, you are oblivious to the complete picture of the garden. Dhyan of Ishvar, the frequency which is beyond the ambit of klesh, karma, vipaak and ashaya, uplifts the being from the mundane aspects of Creation, from unreality and when that happens, the reality (ultimate gyan) of Creation dawns. Hence, in contemplation of Ishvar lies the seed of limitless gyan.

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