YogSutras Of Patanjali: Sadhan Paad Yogsutra 18


Patanjali details the nature, form and purpose of drishya,

Prakaashakriyaasthitisheelam bhootendriyaatmakam bhogaapavargaartham drishyam


Prakaasha: Light (Satva)

Kriyaa: Action (Rajas)

Sthiti: Inertia (Tamas)

Sheelam: Nature

Bhoota: Elements

Indri: Senses

Aatmakam: Form

Bhoga: Indulgence

Apvarga: Salvation

Artham: Purpose

Drishyam: Drishya

Light, action and inertia are the properties, elements and senses are the form and indulgence and salvation are the purpose of drishya.

Whatever we see, touch, smell, hear or taste stems from the three gunas of Satva, Rajas and Tamas. Satva translates as light and knowledge, Rajas translates are action and attachment and Tamas pertains to darkness and inactivity. All these experiences can be directed for pleasure of the senses (which ties you to physical Creation) or for the journey beyond. And all of these pertain to the drishya, that which is seen by the drashta (seer) and is not the seer himself.

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